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About Us

“Kalamazoo Coffee News® is food for thought, as our readers dine. It’s like a breath of fresh air for those who are tired of hearing only the bad news.” —Jean Daum, Founder, Coffee News®

When Jean Daum the founder of Kalamazoo Coffee News® found herself reading the information on sugar packets while waiting for her food, the idea for Coffee News® was born providing restaurants the ability to give patrons something quick to read while they waited.

Kalamazoo Coffee News is available throughout our local community. Look for us in restaurants, doctor and dentist offices, coffee shops, any place people are waiting for food or services.  It makes waiting a pleasure!

Coffee shops and restaurants love receiving Kalamazoo Coffee News. They can offer their customers a high quality, appealing and enjoyable publication which entertains them while they are waiting.

If you have a business in any of our distribution areas (Westnedge/Downtown, Westmain/Stadium or Texas Corners, Mattawan & Paw Paw), place your ad in Kalamazoo Coffee News to be seen as the industry leader.  Your ad works for you three meals a day, seven days a week, ensuring your ad is highly visible in your community.   Businesses target loyal customers close by, who have disposable income. Repetition and consistency bring results.